Rachael Lampa’s melodic, inspirational song “Perfectly Loved” captures our hearts with its emotive lyrics about God’s perfect love. Perfect for karaoke sessions and special events, this instrumental version of the popular Christian song allows singers to let their voices soar as they express their love for God through heartfelt lyrics. From churches to weddings – this soulful rendition is perfect for any occasion! But what makes the Rachael Lampa Perfectly Loved karaoke instrumental even more special is that it comes in multiple keys so everyone can find the one that best suits their singing voice! With different versions available from Low Key (F#) to High Key (Eb), you’re sure to find a key with enough range and richness to enhance your performance.

Who is Rachael Lampa?

Rachael Lampa is an extraordinary singer, songwriter, worship leader and performer. With her incredible vocal range and passionate message of faith-filled inspiration, she’s quickly become a beloved favourite among Christian music fans all around the world. As one of today’s most talented up-and-coming singers in both secular and Christian music genres,, Rachael offers the perfect mix of soulful pop melodies and deep spiritual lyrics that span across multiple audiences.

More about our Multi-Key instrumental Karaoke version of Perfectly Loved by Rachael Lampa

Looking for a beautiful and emotive instrumental track to record your vocal performance over? Look no further than Rachael Lampa’s “Perfectly Loved.” This track is available in 4 keys, low key, medium key, original key and high key, so you can find the perfect fit for your voice. It’s also downloadable in mp3 format, so you can take it with you wherever you go.  The track includes Piano, Drums, Strings, Pads and Bass to create a complete cinematic soundscape to surround your worship and is perfect for use in churches and as part of a live worship set.

The instrumental comes with the John6Media Standard Licence and grants you the licence to use the track however you wish including

  • Use it to create and record a vocal performance,
  • Uploading the resultant product to any streaming/digital platform,
  • Use it as background music in a digital media product or even use it as background music to a live performance.
  • You can’t resell, redistribute or make copies of the track in its original format,
  • You cannot re-upload the track in its original format on any streaming/digital platform
  • but you can re-upload it in mp3 format on any streaming/digital platform.

How do I download the Multi-Key Instrumental Karaoke version of Perfectly Loved by Rachael Lampa

The Instrumental can be purchased as a multi-key format where you get all 4 Keys, High, Low, Medium and Original in a collective bundle for $9.99 or you can choose the Key you want and purchase it individually for $4.99.

Buy the Original Key for $4.99 here

Buy the Low Key for $4.99 here

Buy the Medium Key for $4.99 here

Buy the High Key here for $4.99

Or get all four keys in 1 bundle for $9.99 here